Member Profile - Plan. Grow. Do.

10th March 2021

Plan. Grow. Do. was launched in 2019 to (i) help traditional Sheffield based companies re-think their sales model and (ii) provide them with the critical skills required to compete online.

They have helped hundreds of businesses and sales teams find the confidence, process and structure in sales that is needed in a changed world. Businesses aren’t going back to how we were so they must adapt, and be comfortable with the modern way your customers expect you to show up.

Steve Knapp had first-hand knowledge of the problem we are providing a solution for.

"I was a salesperson for Shell in the 1990s and I dealt with scores of the area's biggest manufacturing names. Even before the pandemic, a high percentage of these businesses were still using outmoded selling techniques that were totally out of touch with the digital age. They were still reliant on face-to-face meetings and doing business on the golf course."

Steve Knapp's earlier career saw him promoted to the upper echelons of Shell and his pioneering sales techniques are still being used by the multi-national company even today.

He teamed up with Rob Taylor – an award-winning marketing expert that was already running a Sheffield City Region-wide network providing sales and marketing advice to scores of Sheffield businesses – to form the company.

The original business model of Plan. Grow. Do. was to deliver face-to-face sales training to business leaders and sales teams

The pandemic brought about an opportunity to innovate and re-think it.

They launched Online Live training two months into the first lockdown and targeted companies that urgently needed to re-think their business model.

50 business leaders from the Sheffield area trialled the new Plan. Grow. Do. programme. The results exceeded all expectations.

The success allowed to Plan. Grow. Do. to strategically re-position itself and, as a result, offer its support and training to a far greater number of Sheffield businesses. Plan. Grow. Do. continues to offer sponsored sales training via the impactful Online Live group learning format. 9 hours of learning across 3, 3 hour sessions.

Check out some of the success stories here:

Rob Taylor said: "It has been proven that 97% of every buying decision starts online. Doing it the way you've always done will no longer work. This fact has been laid bare and accelerated by Covid-19. We want to ensure that every business in the Sheffield City Region can compete effectively in the digital world."

Find out more about our sales solutions here

We have a host of free sales training webinars to help you get to grips with what a modern sales environment looks like, go here for more:

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