Mums In Need: Corporate Partners

22nd May 2024

Mums In Need is thrilled to express our deepest thanks to all of our incredible business partners

The unwavering support from our corporate partners plays a vital role in empowering Mums and their families during challenging times. We wouldn't be able to make a significant impact on our community without their generosity and dedication.

Our wonderful business partners contribute to MIN in diverse ways, each creating a unique ripple effect of positive change. 

Some provide financial donations that fuel our essential programs, allowing us to offer critical services like counselling, legal support and financial workshops. Others donate valuable goods and services, directly alleviating the immediate needs of struggling families. Additionally, some partners engage in impactful volunteering, contributing their time and talents to further our mission.

Every contribution, big or small, makes a world of difference. A financial donation might provide a Min with a travel pass to access vital services, while donating the use of a space for a wellbeing session could bring joy to our mums and their children. 

Regardless of the form it takes, the support from our business partners empowers Mums to face challenges with dignity and hope, creating a more stable and secure future for themselves and their families.

We are incredibly grateful for the various ways our partners choose to support MIN. Here are just a few examples:

China Red Restaurant continue to raise awareness and funds for MIN by donating an optional service charge of £2 per table. They also display posters and MIN Tins around the restaurant, to help us to raise awareness. 
Union Forge Tattoo Studio are donating the proceeds from a half a days work to MIN, as well displaying MIN posters and MIN Tins in their studio. They've also collaborated with their neighbours Ting studio, who also raise funds and awareness for MIN. 

Soroptimist Sheffield continue to raise funds through various fundraising initiatives, as well as helping us to attend events and raise awareness. 
Paradise Island continues to help us to raise funds by various fundraising initiatives and help us to raise awareness by displaying a MIN charity tin and MIN posters around their venue. They’ve also offered us the use of their space for wellbeing sessions, so we will keep you updated on that. 

Wagamama Centertainment provides MIN with a wonderful space in their restaurant to host wellbeing sessions which has proven very successful with our mums.

SWFCWSG continues to raise funds and awareness for Mums In Need by hosting various fundraising events. Their last event raised over £500 alone.

These are just a few examples, and we are truly thankful to each and every one of our business partners for their commitment to our cause. Their compassion and generosity make a life-changing difference for the Mums and families we serve.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

If your business is interested in supporting MIN and making a difference, we would love to hear from you. Reach out to us for a no-obligation discussion to explore the different ways your business can contribute. 


Together, we can build a brighter future for Mums and their families.

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