Mums In Need Crowd Funder hits 25% of goal with 20 days to go

5th January 2022

The Crowd Funder campaign by Mums In Need has passed 25% of the target, with just 20 days remaining, the fundraising momentum continues with rewards available in return for your donations.

Mums In Need is a small Sheffield-Based charity providing a unique support service for mums suffering coercive control and post-separation abuse following their separation from an abusive partner. We are running a Crowd Funder campaign to raise £18,630 for a team lead, finance lead and media & marketing lead. These new roles would support the service delivery team and the CEO. The charity has seen an increase in demand for their services in the past 12 months, with increased demand comes increased workload and waiting times for those who need the services.

The main mission of the charity is confronting coercive control. In 2015, controlling or coercive behaviour became a crime, but it is a difficult crime to prove and can leave long-lasting after effects on its victims. Mums In Need supports mums who have left controlling relationships and who are feeling these after effects, providing the support they need. 

Support offered by Mums In Need to their service users includes counselling, 1:1 support sessions, legal support, financial advice, self-esteem and stress management workshops, yoga and other well-being sessions, peer support groups and pampering treatments such as massages and beauty treatments. 

All donations to the Crowd Funder of up to £250 are currently being matched by the National Emergencies Trust Local Action Fund. Rewards available in return for donations include cinema tickets, wine, hand tie-dyed tote bags, crystal chakra treatment and a company shout-out on their social media and website. Please donate whatever you can, and share as widely as possible. 

For more information on the charity, please visit

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