Nail the new trend in business freebies

18th October 2016

Companies now have a novel way of ensuring their brand name is quite literally at their clients' fingertips.

.. Mini pots of nail varnish bearing individual company logos are the latest product to hit the merchandising market. The beauty treat was unveiled as one of the top five items businesses queued up to enquire about at South Yorkshire's only branded merchandise exhibition. Staged at Sheffield's Millennium Gallery, Promo Show 2016 showcased thousands of innovative ideas from over 30 merchandising manufacturers and importers. -Companies need to ensure they pick the right client 'freebies' to send out the most powerful message about their brand. Our event put the hottest products in front of them, said James Biggin, MD of Steel City Marketing, the long-established Sheffield company who staged the Promo Show for the third time. Hundreds of businesses flocked to the free event from as far away as Nottingham and Leeds. Hi-tech gadgets such as dIgital activity bands that monitor pulse-rate, and the ever-popular branded pen and tea mug, were expected to be in demand, but were pipped at the popularity post by new products to the market, including a business notebook which taps into the trend for de-stress colouring books. Promo Show Top Five Products: Doodle Colour Therapy Notebook Hits the new trend for colouring books for adults, which are designed to de-stress the mind, and gives professionals the perfect excuse to doodle. Alternate pages are for note-taking and colouring. Handy Can Kit An iconic can design with a twist. Each contains a carefully assembled kit to get your client through a mini office crisis, or help them to get creative. Cans can also be filled with branded products that fit a specific marketing campaign. At the Promo show one visitor requested a wedding-themed can. Nail varnish Available in a rainbow of colours or Pantone-matched to your brand colours, a fun way to interact with clients and ideal for company charity events, promo days or social media campaigns USB People Custom-made USB flash drives created in the shape of a person with moveable arms and legs. Companies can create the outfit and haircut, or theme the USB person to suit their company genre, or their clients'. Trace It This key fob is a handy tool, a key-finder that could save your clients many a frustrating search for car or office keys . A free app enables it to link to a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

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