Nomad's Home from Holme Virtual Challenge

1st March 2021

With lockdown continuing and our Easter plans squashed we all need something fun to do this Spring. So why not take our our virtual fundraising challenge and walk/run/swim/cycle 25 miles to raise £125 for Nomad Opening Doors.

Nomad Opening Doors have been working to end homelessness in Sheffield for 30 years. Their innovative Smart Steps programme provides safe, secure accommodation to those at risk of homelessness; with wrap around support to help clients regain confidence, find employment, and learn to live independently. 

To continue to provide this high level of support Nomad Opening Doors are looking for participants in their first ever virtual challenge. 
Home from Holme challenges fundraisers to walk, run or cycle 25 miles in one week to raise £125. The distance from Holme in West Yorkshire back to Sheffield can be covered in your garden, local park or on your static bike. This is an ideal activity for the Easter Holiday or for anyone looking for a challenge.

Hidden homelessness currently affects nearly 3,000 people in Yorkshire and the Humber. For many the gap between their income and having a stable home is just too great. With your support Nomad can bridge this gap and provide a stable future. 
When Rachel was 19 she had been without the support of her family for 3 years already. She struggled with the hostels offered by adult services, finding them frightening and detrimental to her mental health. She ended up sleeping on sofas and floors wherever she could find the offer of space. This isolation and lack of a home meant her mental health suffered terribly. Luckily, she found Nomad before it was too late.

“If it weren’t for them and the support I got from Nomad, I honestly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today. I cannot stress enough how much of a difference having a stable home made to my life. 5 years on, I have stable positive friendships and I will soon be getting married. And all it took was for one person to believe in me and tell me that I was worth it.”

To help us end homelessness sign up for our Holme from Holme challenge today. Contact Laura Baker at or call 0114 321 0262 for your Home from Holme challenge pack.

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