Olmec/Surelight lights supercars at Le Mans

19th June 2013

The atmosphere around France's legendary race track at the Circuit de la Sarthe is thick with excitement this week as the world's supercars arrive in force for the 81st running of the country's racing extravaganza, 'Le 24 Heures du Mans'.

It is one of the world's most famous, and oldest, endurance races, and Sheffield's specialist lighting company Olmec Advanced Materials/Surelight.com is proud to be helping to keep the show on the road again with its Surelight electroluminescent (EL) panels. The weekend of 22 and 23 June 2013 will see the world's racing elite, along with millions of Le Mans fans stay awake for 24 hours as the famous race kicks off at 8.30am on Saturday and runs through the night until the same time on Sunday morning. That of course means night racing where some of the most exciting action is seen and being seen, safe and easily identifiable is vital of course. That is where Olmec/Surelight comes in. Olmec/Surelight supplies EL panels, which light the endurance race cars' racing number panels, to the majority of the race teams at Le Mans, including Peugeot, Lotus and Aston Martin which will be looking to move up from the third place it achieved last year (after quite a long break from racing), and which has brought in racing heavyweight Bruno Senna and 5 cars to try and topple last year's winner Audi. Endurance races are tough and need technology suited to the demanding conditions. Surelight EL panels and race car inverters are absolutely ideal; providing a paper thin light source that is ideal for night racing light-weight, water resistant (unfortunately rain is not uncommon in summer even in France!) and, with cars racing at over 200 miles per hour, highly durable. Surelight is the world's leading supplier to the endurance racing market with EL panels that are the brightest in the world at 180 candelas/m2. In high demand globally; at least 90% of the UK race teams use Surelight EL panels and they are used by teams in France, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland, as well as America and Japan. As an ACO approved supplier; Olmec lights cars with its Surelight EL panels in most of the prestigious night races, including Britcar 24hr and Spa-Francorchamps 24hr. So, if you are one of those night owls; watching the race for the whole 24 hours (and why wouldn't you be if you are a fan!) just remember that the lighting that ensures you can see if your favourite is winning was provided by a Sheffield company just down the road from you! Well done Olmec/Surelight. This very versatile lighting can also be used in a range of other applications such signage or architectural roles in bars and night clubs as well as being built into stone counter tops, tables and even floors. The possibilities are endless. For further information about the Surelight range of EL and LED lighting, please contact Olmec/Surelight on 0114 236 1606 or email info@surelight.com www.surelight.com

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