One2Call increases minimum Cyber Security protection level to combat increasing Cyber Threats to Businesses

11th April 2023

One2Call have announced that, as part of their commitment to keeping businesses Cyber Secure, they are raising their minimum Cyber Security protection requirements for businesses to tackle the increasing Cyber Security threats they face on a daily basis.

In response to the rapidly evolving cyber security landscape and the increased threats posed to businesses, One2Call are announcing an upgrade to their minimum level of Cyber Security protection for their customers. This change aims to provide the highest standard of security and protection for businesses, to protect them from the evolving and increasing threats.

Effective May 1, 2023, standard Anti-Virus Endpoint Agents, such as; Webroot AV, Avast, ESET and others, will no longer meet One2Call’s minimum requirement. Instead, all business workstations must now be protected by an EDR Agent (Endpoint Detection & Response). Traditional Anti-Virus is only 25-40 effective against protecting businesses from threats, EDR provides an advanced layer of security over traditional signature-based Anti-Virus solutions. EDR is able to detect and block unusual or malicious behaviour on endpoints/workstations, as demonstrated by its superior performance in recent vulnerability cases such as the 3CX Desktop Client Vulnerability. One2Call recognise this as an additional cost to many businesses, however as a leading Cyber Security provider in the area, One2Call believe this to be a vital and essential investment in your business's Cyber Security.

Endpoint Detection & Response can also be offered as a fully SOC (Security Operations Center) 24/7 Managed Service at a higher premium. To find out more about the 24/7 SOC Service and if it may be beneficial to your business, please request more information. Customers wishing to opt out of this upgrade must request in writing and will be required to sign a waiver accepting the risk that a decreased level of protection could pose to their business.

For more information or assistance, please reach out to One2Call to find out more about Endpoint Detection & Response.

About One2Call

One2Call is a leading provider of IT and Cyber Security services, dedicated to ensuring the highest level of protection for businesses. One2Call continuously monitor the ever-evolving Cyber Security landscape and proactively adapt solutions to meet the challenges of today's digital world.

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