Over £1 million distributed from Flood Relief Appeal a year on from the South Yorkshire Floods

16th November 2020

The charity behind the South Yorkshire Flood Disaster Relief Appeal, set up in response to the devastating November 2019 floods, is commemorating the event one year on by sharing the successes of the appeal.

South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation (SYCF) set up the appeal within 24 hours of when the floods began on the 7th November 2019 and raised over £1.4 million to benefit flooded households across the region.

The impact of the floods is still being felt even now, one year on, with many households still repairing the damage and replacing the belongings they lost.

The money raised from the Flood Appeal has so far been distributed in over 1000 grants and continues to be distributed to those worst affected and those still recovering from the damage done to their lives.

The funding has focused on providing residents with the financial support they need to repair damage to their homes, replace furniture, electronics, and other essential goods so people’s lives can return back to normal.

Some of those who received the financial support gave their thanks to SYCF and to all those who donated to the appeal too.

“I am very grateful for the grant I have received and would like to express my thanks to the people who donated to the fund and to all of you at SYCF for carrying on working to get grants out in these difficult times. I am sure there are many people as well as me who are appreciative of your efforts.” – J

“Thank you so much, I’ve just cried it’s such a relief to know that I can replace the items lost...I’m so grateful to you and your team it’s so humbling to know that there is people out there that can help others in times of distress. Once again thank you so much.” - S

As a local charity dedicated to improving local communities, South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation was able to react quickly to the floods to ensure local people got the help they needed. SYCF has also looked ahead to the long-term impact of the floods on the finances, health and wellbeing of flood victims.

Ruth Willis, Chief Executive of SYCF said:

“Our role in South Yorkshire is to understand the needs in our communities and act as a resource to meet those needs. When the floods first hit, it became clear that the damage done to people’s lives went far beyond their homes and belongings.

“We know that this disaster has hit people hard and not just financially. It has left people distraught, traumatised, and scared that it could happen all over again. Which is why we have ensured that we are supporting community organisations too, so they can help people with their long-term personal recovery.

“So far, we have been able to fund a number of organisations, including a three-year joint project between the Citizens Advice Bureaus in South Yorkshire to support those struggling financially since the floods. We are encouraging more organisations who are best placed to help flood victims in their community to apply for funding too.”

Funding is still open to application for both households and community organisations. The funding for households is currently focused on helping those who have experienced a change of circumstances, particularly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and who now require additional aid.

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