Play Beats Politics According to New Sports Research

12th March 2015

The state of sport in the UK has been revealed in new research by Sheffield Hallam University with nearly two million people now belonging to sports clubs, while more than nine million do at least half an hour of physical activity every week.

The study, entitled State of Play, was led by Professor Simon Shibli and demonstrates the impact of the Chief Executive Officer Forum's 39 National Governing Bodies (NGBs) in helping to deliver sport in England in 2014. The report has been launched alongside the new CEO Forum which will act as an independent voice to help influence and inform national and local policy on sport. State of Play highlights include: Over 1.8 million people belong to sports clubs [over 1 million more than the total membership of all UK political parties] There are over 1.9 million NGB linked volunteers [more than the entire NHS workforce] NGB linked volunteering was worth £4.9 billion Almost 3 million sports competitions took place in England Over 50,000 NGB affiliated clubs exist across England 9.3 million people did at least 30 minutes of sport every week [up by almost around 900,000 since 2005/06 317 major events were held in England 169 positions were held in international sports administration Professor Simon Shibli, head of Sheffield Hallam University's Sport Industry Research Centre said: -Our research demonstrates the huge impact NGBs are making in the delivery of sport in England at community and elite level, and their growing influence in international sports administration. "The fact that over one million more people belong to sports clubs than the combined total of all UK political party membership says much about how much sport matters to the wider population. -It is also interesting to see the huge scale of sports volunteering in England with over 1.9 million NGB linked volunteers, which is greater than the entire NHS workforce. "Their financial contribution was worth almost £5billion in 2014 with sport being the second largest volunteer sector behind caring for family and friends. -CEO Forum NGBs also helped to deliver almost three million sports competitions last year and an increasing number within schools, as well a growing number of British officials holding positions in international sports administration. "Our research demonstrates the impact of NGBs in supporting some significant social and economic agendas crucial to whichever administration holds office in Westminster from May. CEO Forum chief executive Adrian Christy added: -With two months to go until the General Election, the CEO Forum is committed to working constructively with a new Government to ensure that the systems for elite and community sport deliver on their objectives."

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