Power Hour Network @ Cubana - Telling your business story to grow sales...Fast!

4th October 2018

Book now via Eventbrite Please use the Sheffield Chamber Of Commerce discount code CHAMBER20 TELLING YOUR BUSINESS STORY TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

..FAST! with sector expert: Chris Sissons. Once upon a time, in a garage not so far away, a child was born. A child with potential to change the way business is done across South Yorkshire. Many were there at her birth and wished her well. They watched her grow to childhood and hoped in time, she would fulfil her potential. Her proud father held her hand and showed her how she could help others and as she did, expectations grew. And then one day We all tell stories in our presentations and keynotes, on our websites and in social media. The challenge is to tell the right story in the right way to the right audience Storytelling is so much a part of our lives that we often don't realise we're doing it! But is it wise to tell stories and not pay attention while we are doing it? In a complex keynote or on a website hundreds might read or in business meetings and sales pitches, is it for the best to leave this important activity to chance? > How do you choose one or more stories that resonate with your business? How do you move from story to content and back again, perhaps several times? > How do you build tension and so hold attention as you segue to content? > How do you use stories to move your audience from cold to warm and into a buying state? > How do you integrate your storytelling into your marketing design? We all know many stories we could use but perhaps struggle with finding raw material, preparing it for storytelling and sharing it through the best channels. In this interactive workshop, you will work out how to find raw material for your storytelling, how to turn it into a story and how to use your story once you have it. ABOUT CHRIS SISSONS -I've been accused of storytelling several times over the years. 30 years in community development will sensitise anyone to the absurdities of public life. Putting someone in charge of something often sets in train a power struggle of some sort. Overcoming the monster is acted out every day on thousands of housing estates across the land. -I was a research scientist many moons ago and I've always loved children's stories. So, I'm at ease with raw material from myths and fairy tales, personal stories, business or product origin, through to case studies, statistics and data. -I've been a local preacher with the Methodist Church for over 30 years and learned to hold attention through stories. People need to know the intractable problems they face, problems that cause great suffering over many years, are rarely unique to them. We are never alone in our pain. -Whatever the occasion, I can turn it into a story and perhaps draw pictures too. Storytelling is full of surprises. Work with me to find Comedy at the heart of depression, stumble across dogs in hotels or Tracey Emin's bed! I've even found a lost unicorn! (Really!) -My point is storytelling helps you position your business or organisation. You can stand out from the crowd, whether you're pitching for a contract, designing a website or presenting to a network meeting. Why not give me a try? Book now via Eventbrite   ABOUT POWER HOUR NETWORK See all about the Power Hour! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B4U1YnIYsE&t=19s The Power Hour is a monthly marketing session helping the Sheffield City Region business community understand, and implement marketing in to their own business. We are on a mission to help businesses become their own expert and take control of their marketing. Join us this April for a brilliant marketing session. YOUTUBE FEEDBACK FOR POWER HOUR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzYuh-GyycA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THrxv2g5yD4 Visit the Marketing blog: www.robtaylorofficial.com/marketing JOIN THE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1750928791902092/

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