Protecting your Business Premise Through the Latest Lockdown

6th January 2021

With many premises across South Yorkshire closed due to the latest coronavirus lock down, IFM Insurance in Sheffield is urging business owners to take measures to protect their assets.

Business premises like offices and shops can contain a wide range of valuable items - from computers to varying levels of stock.  Below is some basic advice to help make sure your building premise remains secure during the current lock down.

  • Ensure doors and windows are secured, to protect against theft of stock and equipment from inside a property
  • Ensure locks conform to British Standard. It is likely that a requirement of your office or shop insurance policy is that your lock meets BS 3621.
  • If possible, prevent unauthorised access and protect the perimeter of the site with the erection of temporary fencing, bollards, anti-climb paint.
  • Deploy an electronic security system and CCTV cameras. If you have an intruder alarm system, ensure that this is suitably maintained and in good working order.  It is possible that your policy has a requirement for the alarm to be serviced annually under a maintenance agreement.
  • Undertake a simple risk assessment to ensure all plant items are in a secure, locked area and access is monitored
  • Keep important documents in locked cabinets or drawers. Back up virtual copies to an off-site hard drive

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