Reach Customers by Location in Real-Time with New Sheffield-Based Marketing Platform

29th July 2020

Have you ever wondered how you can reach customers in real-time? A brand new marketing platform is coming to the Steel City and will change the way you market to customers.

Geo for Business is set to launch soon. Here’s what you need to know:

Location-Based Advertising is The Future

Location-based mobile advertising has double the click-through rate compared to other forms of digital advertising, according to research from Mobile Marketer. Put simply, the ability to target customers by location could vastly increase the success of your promotions. Geo for Business is an easy-to-use tool that enables you to do that.

Send Promotions Directly to Users’ Phones

Send digital promotions directly to users’ smartphones while they are out and about in the city. Harnessing the power of geofence marketing to allow you to target customers in any geographical location in real-time. Quickly and easily set up Geo Zones that you want to target. When you send out your promotions, they go directly to that physical location. Users in that area will instantly receive your promotions as a notification.

Geo for Business and the MyGeo App

Pairing with the MyGeo app, the platform allows you to send digital offers, known as GeoRewards™, to people’s phones. Users with the app will be able to tailor their preferences so that they get offers suited to them. For business owners, that means you have the ability to reach potential customers that are interested in your services.

Go Green with Direct Digital Promotions

Geo for Business is set to replace costly traditional direct marketing techniques. Rather than sending out print promotions, such as flyers, you can target on-the-go customers digitally. If you’re looking for a way to make your business activities greener and more sustainable, using this type of marketing platform is a step in the right direction.
Sign up to Register Your Interest Now!

While the platform is launching in the coming weeks, you can sign up to register your interest and gain early access to the platform. What’s more, the Geo for Business team are exclusively offering Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Members £250 free advertising credit to get started using the platform.

Sign up here

If you would like to learn more about Geo for Business, email

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