Reconnect With Creativity

27th April 2020

‘Boredom always precedes a great period of creativity’ – Robert M Pirsig

‘Boredom always precedes a great period of creativity’ – Robert M Pirsig

I’ve always been creative. An ambiguous statement I suppose, but creativity is most definitely a core value of mine. There are exceptions, but being creative usually goes hand in hand with a more introverted personality, always seemingly occupied with my own thoughts and ideas rather than the world around me. Having said that, external influences are certainly needed in order to gain inspiration and fuel any ideas further.

I find myself, in this current situation, surprisingly well-equipped for a prolonged amount of time to myself. I have some personal creative projects that in recent months, have had to take a backseat. But looking at the time ahead, I feel highly grateful for having this creative outlet to indulge and immerse myself in.

Amazingly, this approach to self-isolation is spreading. I’m seeing more and more creativity being put out into the world as a result of those finding ways to adjust to this new, but temporary, way of life. It excites me to know that despite the abundance of entertainment we have, people are naturally gravitating towards being more creative. It is often said that it’s when we’re bored, creativity is born. Boredom is the driving force to make something interesting and in recent years people have turned to social media and consuming content, to fill that void of boredom, rather than filling it themselves and discovering something new.

I encourage everyone to give in to boredom and cure it with creativity, no matter what that outlet may be. I firmly believe that every single person has these capabilities and it is just a matter of taking the time to reconnect with them, time of which we have an abundance right now. The added beauty of us all indulging creatively is not only more interesting content for the world to see, but that it keeps us content with our own company. And in a time where being in our own company is saving lives, being creative, has never been more powerful, important and necessary.


‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ – Albert Einstein

If you’re looking for creative ideas to get started with, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


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