Restaurants: We need you

4th April 2024

Mums In Need are looking to partner with local restaurants to help mums who are dealing with post-separation abuse.

Do you hear the sizzle of the grills and clatter of plates in your sleep? Does the vibrant energy of your Sheffield restaurant fuel your soul? If so, you understand the dedication it takes to run a successful business in this dynamic city. But even amidst the chaos, there's a chance to make a difference beyond your delicious dishes.

About Mums In Need:
Mums In Need is a Sheffield based charity that works on confronting coercive control. We provide help, support and advice for mums who have left emotionally abusive relationships with the other parent of their children, and are looking for support to rebuild their lives.

Mums In Need would like to link with Sheffield restaurants to combat post separation abuse and coercive control.  This isn't just about adding another item to your already packed to-do list. It's about leveraging your community spirit and customer reach to raise awareness and crucial funds for a cause that impacts countless lives.

Why Get Involved?
Make a Real Difference: partnering with your local charity allows you to directly support your community and empower individuals facing post separation abuse.

Raise Awareness: by displaying posters and engaging customers, you can help break the silence surrounding coercive control and domestic abuse. This allows you to demonstrate your community-minded commitment to tackling coercive control and post-separation abuse.

Boost Your Business: Increase your business profile by being regularly included on MINS active social media platforms, email newsletter, and website. 

Empowers Your Staff: Engage and empower your staff to be proud to support such a great cause.

A FREE initiative: You have the chance to assist a valuable charity organization without any expense on your part.

How Can You Participate?
There are numerous ways your restaurant can contribute, depending on your time and resources:

Donate a portion of proceeds: Dedicate a percentage of sales during a specific period to your chosen charity.

Organise a themed event: Host a fundraising dinner, cooking competition, or awareness-raising event at your restaurant.

Spread awareness: Display informational materials, host guest speakers, or encourage customer donations through collection tins or rounding-up schemes.

Promote the initiative: Utilise your social media platforms and customer interactions to amplify awareness and encourage further participation.

Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change. By joining forces, your restaurant can become beacons of hope and support for those affected by post separation abuse. 

Take the first step today, contact, and be part of something brighter than your delicious menu. 

Remember, even the busiest kitchen can find room for a sprinkle of compassion.

Help to raise awareness, empower individuals, and celebrate the true spirit of our Sheffield community – one plate at a time!

Learn more on the Mums In Need Website:

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