REVEALED - The biggest digital trends of 2024 according to experts

3rd January 2024

Google’s Search Generative Experience, first-party data, economic challenges, and of course AI… award-winning agency The SEO Works reveals what to expect from the digital world in 2024!

Last year, global digital advertising spending hit over £325 billion - accounting for nearly 60% of all marketing spend. The question is no longer ‘will digital dominate marketing?’, but ‘what will future growth for the digital world look like’?

With new technologies, approaches and opportunities constantly emerging, there’s never been a more exciting time to be in digital. But this excitement comes with challenges.

As 2024 begins, the most senior experts at Chamber Patrons The SEO Works take a look at the main trends of last year and what you can expect from this one, in “2024 in Digital”.

CEO Ben Foster, kicks off by looking at how important 2023 was for AI, and how further progress will shape the coming year. He says,

“for those that haven't yet used it, 2024 should be the year where you start to dip your toe in the water or be left behind. But be mindful: whilst this technology can make things faster or more efficient, it also demands more thoughtfulness and focus on quality.”

Google’s Search Generative Experience is the main headline for Head of SEO Paul Friend. He says

“like most major changes to the search landscape, there’s no time like the present to start gauging the likely impact of SGE on your clients’ organic traffic and developing tactics accordingly.

If your SEO strategy already focuses on creating Subject Matter Expert (SME) content and displaying E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authority and trust) with your users, you’re potentially in good shape for the full-scale SGE rollout in 2024.”

In the PPC world, a potential displacement of the status quo is what Head of PPC Kathryn Pearson sees.

“Ad services such as TikTok and Amazon will challenge the Ad giants Google and Meta a lot more during 2024, as their popularity grows and consumer intent increases. Plus, I think streaming services, such as Disney+, Hulu and Netflix will embrace their share of the advertising marketplace this year in a big way.”

Head of Web, Graham Jones, is thinking about augmented reality, AI, and machine learning.

“Integrating augmented reality into a user’s web journey will help to create more engaging, immersive, user experiences. Along with this, the impact of AI and ML on web development and the technology sector as a whole is sure to deepen. We can expect to see increases in efficiency, productivity and accuracy where it matters, in key areas such as Healthcare (for diagnosis and personalisation), Finance (analysis and risk assessment), and Manufacturing (service, quality control).”

Finally, what does 2024 look like in the world of new business? Clients, more than ever, will want to get the most out of their spending due to economic strains, according to Sales Director Alex Hill.

“Prospective new clients will really want to maximise the full value and ROI they receive for their digital spend, and rightly so. Linked to this, I also think a lot of businesses will be exploring CRO enhancements to their websites, again aiming to drive a better UX and conversion rate. “

With all of these insights, and more, the article is the perfect way for marketers and business owners to kick off the new year. Starting January informed, prepared, and equipped to take advantage of the opportunities digital holds, and have the best year yet in 2024.

Check out the full piece here.


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