Revive Nutrition – Something exciting is cooking in the Revive Nutrition Kitchen

7th September 2021

Revive Nutrition was born out of a love of fitness and nutrition. With one simple goal, to provide you with the highest quality, freshest, restaurant-quality meals direct to your door.

All meals are prepared by in-house professional chefs, using the freshest locally sourced ingredients.

All meals have gone through the same planning, testing, and refining as any restaurant menu. They pack their meals full of flavour to give you the best experience possible and believe healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring! Meals are prepared, packed, and delivered within 24 hours to guarantee freshness. Our meals are delivered chilled, ready to eat straight away, stored in the fridge or frozen for later. We have designed a menu so you can indulge on all your classic favourites, without all the added guilt!

Over the past few months, their professional chefs have been honing their menu. With Revive Nutrition’s growing popularity, they have devised a more concise, flavoursome, and of course nutritional new menu. 

The new menu characterizes healthy alternatives from a variety of cuisines, originating from all over the globe. They have also created nutritious substitutes for a variety of the nation’s favourite takeaways and high street favourites, as they still fully stand behind the belief that, healthy eating should be both delicious and nutritious!

So, saying that, let us explore what is new, and the changes that their existing and new customers can expect from the new menu and ordering system. 

The mix and match approach has now been ditched; they now offer 30 individual set meals in total. These meals are divided into 4 categories, the main menu, comprised of 19 dishes, the high calorie menu, 3 high calorie meals to help you gain muscle, the salad menu, 3 salad options for a lighter lunch or perfect to help you lose weight and finally, the vegan menu, 5 delicious vegan specials, for those with vegan or vegetarian dietary requirements. 

The main menu is full of variety and flavour, comprised of dishes from 11 different cuisines all over the globe. Ranging from more well know favourites such an Italian and Indian to more unique cuisines, including Lebanese and Jamaican. The aim with this menu is to emphasise restaurant quality and make nutritious meal prep more exciting than ever before. 

Revive's high calorie meals have been designed for those hoping to achieve personal goals of gaining strength and mass in the gym. They have 3 delicious meals, high in protein and calories to give you the fuel needed to bulk. From a nutritious take on the ever-popular Chicken Katsu Curry to their healthy hunters’ chicken, they’ve got you covered! 

Next up, their salad’s. Perfect for a light lunch, losing weight or a lighter alternative during these hot summer months. They have 3 classic salads available, The niçoise, The Greek Salad and The Thai Salad. Again, they have utilised the diversity of the world's cuisines to offer the most rounded menu available. 

Finally, their vegan alternative menu. All the flavour without any animal products. After all, there are now 7.2 million British adults currently following a meat-free diet and the number of vegans in the UK has increased by 445,428 people, a 40 rise over the past 12 months. At Revive Nutrition, they believe whatever your specific dietary needs may be, it should not affect flavour or choice. Therefore, they have created, 5 delicious vegan alternatives to their main menu. Their personal favourite, alternative dishes are, The Tofu Katsu, with Japanese Curry Sauce, Sticky Rice, and a Peanut Salad. Alternatively, why not try The Spiced Tofu Sheesh Kebab, with Lemon Cous-cous, Roast Peppers and Olives. 

The new menu really has something for everyone. Revive believe with the variety, nutritional benefits, and heaps of flavour, you are all sure to love it.

They cannot wait for you to try what we have been working so hard on…

The new menu is now live, and customers can enjoy a 10 discount off there order with the unique discount code: NEWMENU10

Visit the website to order now: 

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