Rising stars recognised through 25 promotions at BHP

7th July 2021

Leading independent accountancy firm, BHP, has found rising stars amongst its ranks after promoting 25 colleagues to more senior roles.

Headlining the promoted employees are Will Holmes and Emma Oakley, who’ve both advanced to become Directors after showcasing their specialities in Corporate Finance and Risk and Forensic Services respectively.

There are also three new Senior Managers, 12 new Managers, five new Assistant Managers and three new Senior colleagues across the business’s different departments – including Tax, Finance, Corporate Finance, Audit and Financial Planning.

Lisa Leighton, Joint Managing Partner of BHP, said: “During these uncertain times, each and every one of these individuals has gone above and beyond in delivering the needs of our clients. . They should be incredibly proud of what they’ve achieved, and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish next in their new roles.

“This incredible figure is also a testament to our core values as a business. Our success wouldn’t be possible without the talented individuals who demonstrate their dedication each and every day, and we aim to do everything we can to support their career journey.”

BHP is committed to the wellbeing of its people with flexible working patterns and an emphasis on the importance of digital downtime through its ‘Be @ Home Properly’ ethos.

Hamish Morrison, Joint Managing Partner of BHP, said: “Our ‘Be @ Home Properly’ ethos is about flexible working that suits each individual. We want people to work at places and times that suit them but also be conscious of, and respect, their colleagues ‘home time’ or ‘down time’ – always keeping in mind BHP’s core hours.

“For example, while someone might want to work in the evening when they have some quiet time, we’d suggest they put a delayed send on their emails until 7.30am the next day so that their work doesn’t put pressure on others to work at a similar time.”

The firm has a variety of wellbeing initiatives including a digital health channel, staff wellness days, and mindfulness sessions. It also offers extensive training opportunities including a three-tier Management Development programme.

Hamish added: “Staff wellbeing has always been at the heart of BHP, with many long-standing, happy employees and we want it to remain this way. We want all of our team to be proud to be part of the BHP family.” 

BHP was recently ranked the second-best accountancy firm to work for in the UK, and the 35th best company to work for across Yorkshire and the Humber, in the Best Companies, survey 2021.

For more information about BHP, visit www.bhp.co.uk.

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