Roundabout Launch Virtual Balloon Event

9th April 2020

In these difficult times for everyone, while the guidance is for people to stay at home and work from home where possible, at Roundabout we’re especially aware that not everyone has a home, and the young people we support need us more than ever.

With events cancelled across the county, we have launched a fun event for everyone, a virtual event to try and replace some of our lost income: a balloon race!

At just £3 each they are the same cost as that coffee we would normally buy on the way into work; or a pint in the pub. With no impact on the environment as all balloons are virtual, they will fly around the world and can be tracked on real time global map when the race launches on Easter Sunday. There are even prizes for those travelling furthest.

You can also gift a balloon, possibly as a birthday present, or they can replace the traditional Easter egg, gifted before the launch on Easter Sunday (April 12th).

The Details:

Balloons are available to purchase online at until Saturday 11th April. Once they are launched on Sunday 12th, you can follow your balloon for 7 days on the website, using Google Maps. The balloons will all start in Jerusalem, but each one is subject to a simulated flight pattern based on the actual weather conditions such as the wind speed and current temperature. Who knows where your balloon will end up?

Prizes for the Easter Race (across multiple charities)

£500 Cash
Apple iPad
10 winners of £10 Book Tokens
Plus if lots of balloons for Roundabout are sold, there will be additional prizes up for grabs…

Sales in excess of 500 balloons – £50 for furthest balloon flight
Sales in excess of 1000 balloons – £100 for furthest balloon flight
Sales in excess of 10,000 balloons – £1000 for furthest balloon flight
Tracking a balloon for a week is great when you are stuck indoors and it’s entertaining for the kids too, so a fun and easy way to support our young people when they need us most.

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