Sheffield Chamber Celebrates Small Business Saturday

3rd December 2022

We spoke to three small businesses in Sheffield, who told us about their business, what it is like to run a small business in Sheffield, and why they joined Sheffield Chamber of Commerce.

Meet Rubarb

Tell us about your Business


A creative team of 14 specialists to help grow your business in the digital field. We create animation and 3D videos, branding design, develop websites, and work in social media marketing.

What is it like to run a small business in Sheffield?

We see great potential in the region as Sheffield's entrepreneurs are very ambitious and ready to grow. It's difficult for us to assess Sheffield objectively in terms of work, because we are just starting out in the region. But we can say that there's a very open-minded business community here that wants to grow.

Why did you join Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and how has the Chamber helped with your small business?

Working with Sheffield's entrepreneurs is a new and exciting challenge for us.

It's important for any business to be in the right community that energises you. Networking, insights and fresh ideas, that's what's valuable to us, and that's what we find at SCC.

We have also experienced great support from everyone in the community, which is extremely valuable when you are taking your first steps in business in a new region.  

Meet Nimbitech LTD

Tell us about your Business

We help business do more with less by digitising processes and automating repetitive tasks. A Microsoft Gold Partner, we use Microsoft technology to create bespoke applications, automating workflows and reporting dashboard. What makes us stand out is our Agile approach, we work extremely collaboratively with our clients ensure we fully understand the end user’s needs.

What is it like to run a small business in Sheffield?

Sheffield is a great community of warm people who are always willing to help each other. The start-up scene within Sheffield is better than ever and is continually improving. There are many events in Sheffield providing support to businesses, from shops to restaurants to tech companies, there is something for everyone.

Why did you join Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and how has the Chamber helped with your small business?

We joined the Sheffield Chamber to be more connected to other Sheffield businesses. In the short time we have been with the Chamber, we have seen so much value from it. From the amazing events they host, to connecting us with businesses that we need support from. The Chamber have a great team of people that love helping us and our business in any way they can. The benefits we receive from our Chamber membership have really helped our business improve in areas such as HR & employee wellbeing. We would highly recommend the Chamber to any Sheffield business.

Meet Plan Grow Do

Tell us about your Business

Plan. Grow. Do. help B2B sales teams and business owners build confidence through process and structure to succeed in sales. Steve Knapp and Rob Taylor joined forces in January 2020 and have since supported over 800 businesses and sales professionals in the Sheffield City Region with the Plan Grow Do sales methodology.

The award-winning training company supports B2B sectors modernise their sales approach to align with a better, more rounded understanding of how buyers buying decisions have evolved and how the B2B sales professional can create long lasting sales success for the business.

Plan Grow Do relocated to offices in the Sheffield City Centre in 2022 and is enjoying being an active supporter of business in the city and a leading voice on the position of sales.

What is it like to run a small business in Sheffield?

We've recently moved from outside the city centre to having an office within it and we must say we feel so much better connected having become geographically located in the heart of the city. Sheffield has great potential to be an important city in the region and the UK but there is always room for improvement. It's heartening to see the fresh faces and approach in the Chamber, and this will hopefully lead to a more inclusive and truly collaborative approach to business development. 

I've always heard the saying since starting working for myself several years ago that you 'only get out what you put in' and this is definitely true. Business won't just happen by itself, and Sheffield provides a friendly community and supportive network to contribute so proactively to. 

Why did you join Sheffield Chamber of Commerce / how has the Chamber helped your small business?

The Chamber started to work for us when we realised it is a partnership and that partnership takes time to nurture and come to life. We're delighted to be a partner with the Chamber to and to add continual value to the community around our specialist area. 

Remember I said you only 'get out what you put in'? Well, it's true here! 

Interested in joining the Chamber? You can speak to our membership team on See here for more.

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