Sheffield Gauge Plate European Expansion Continues

16th September 2021

Sheffield Gauge Plate Ltd has published a significant growth strategy to work with companies in the European steel market.

According to information released from Sheffield Gauge Plate Ltd., the company is looking to work with an experienced European sales agent to grow its existing lines of products in the region. Sheffield Gauge Plate Ltd. also has plans to work with European companies using their extensive CNC machining capabilities. Sheffield Gauge Plate Ltd's. CNC machinery offers the ability to mass-produce or produce one-off products from customer drawings.

Sheffield Guage Plate Ltd. already works with companies across the globe and is proud to have supplied 22 countries to this date. Furthermore, with their recent acquisition of Sheffield based steel company, Saxon Steels, Sheffield Gauge Plate Ltd. has large quantities of stock available to meet the needs of this market.

Nigel Southern, Director at Sheffield Gauge Plate, stated: "We're thrilled to announce our vast expansion into Europe, as over the past years, we've worked very closely with European companies, particularly in Germany. We're looking to cement this relationship with our partners in the region and dedicate a full-time sales agent to connect us further. It's exciting times for our Sheffield based team, and it's unavoidable that our reputation for high-quality steel products will spread."

CNC machinery uses pre-programmed computer software to control the movement of precise factory tools such as mills, water jet cutters and grinders. The machinery Sheffield Gauge Plate Ltd. use can produce one-off cuts or mass produce products such as machine knives and blades from their massive library of drawings. This business has massively improved its machinery and equipment in recent years and can supply completely bespoke products in a range of steel grades. Sales agents based in Europe can contact Sheffield Gauge Plate Ltd. to discuss the role and benefits offered.

Nigel also went on to comment about Sheffield Guage Plate Ltd's fantastic CNC capabilities by saying: "In today's modern world, utilising fully automated pre-programmed software allows for precision that we could never achieve twenty years ago. Our team have experience producing a variety of machine parts, such as drills and cutters. So if you have a specific machine part you need producing, don't hesitate to get in touch. You might find that we probably already have a drawing made up."

About the Company:

Sheffield Gauge Plate Ltd. is a relatively new company when it comes to the steel industry. Although the company was only incorporated in 2003, Sheffield Guage Plate Ltd. has produced ground flat stock on its premises for over 40 years. It was initially trading under the name of Barwoth Flockton Ltd. until 1997, when the team sold it to Firth Rixon Special Steels Ltd until the company's buyout in 2003. Over the past ten years, Sheffield Gauge Plate Ltd. has expanded from ground flat stock to specialist tool steels, machine knives and waste recycling products.
For more information, visit Sheffield Gauge plate at

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