Sheffield Hospitals Charity Launches ‘Support your NHS’ Appeal

23rd March 2020

Sheffield Hospitals Charity has a proud history of supporting our NHS. But never before has that support been more vital. The hospitals in Sheffield will be asked to care for even more of us during the current Covid-19 outbreak.

The message from the NHS has been clear: they will not stop caring for us at this time of need. And so The Sheffield Hsopitals Charity feels it is their duty, as an NHS charity, to stand shoulder to shoulder with the hospitals and their staff.

Whilst the public are all being told to stay at home and to take measures to stay safe from Covid-19, the UK’s incredible NHS staff are not able to do that. Instead, they will be working under increased pressure to make sure the people of Sheffield get the care they need.

Sheffield Hospitals Charity is asking for your help to support these NHS staff and local hospitals. They know that so many of you want to say ‘thank you’ for all that the NHS is doing at this time, and whilst restrictions mean that the hospitals are unable to receive physical donations or gifts, people can donate money and the hospitals can decide where it would have most benefit.

David Reynolds, Executive Director of Sheffield Hospitals Charity, said: “The situation we are seeing is unprecedented. But amidst the worry and concern that so many people are feeling, one constant has been the remarkable work of our hospitals and our incredible NHS staff who are working on the frontline under extreme pressure.

“I know how much the public love and adore the NHS. It has been remarkable to see how many people have wanted to help and support our local hospitals and staff and, as we launch this appeal today, I thank everybody in advance for their kindness. With your help we can support our much loved hospitals as they care for patients in these difficult times.

“We will always stand shoulder to shoulder with the NHS. Never has your help and support meant more.”

To donate to the appeal and support our NHS at this time of need, please visit

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