Sheffield Residents Make Real Difference to Local NHS – But there is more to do

22nd May 2020

THANKS to the generosity of Sheffield residents, Sheffield Hospitals Charity has been able to support the NHS at this time of need.

Just over two months ago, Sheffield Hospitals Charity launched its ‘Support your NHS’ appeal in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic. At that time, the charity vowed to stand shoulder to shoulder with local hospitals and their amazing NHS staff. And it meant it.

In recent weeks the charity has been blown away by the incredible support that it has received from generous local residents and donations have allowed the charity to invest every penny into supporting the NHS here in Sheffield.

To date, the charity has been able to provide:

A £30,000 grant to the hospitals' 'Staff Health and Wellbeing' service, ensuring that staff have access to the additional support that they need during this time;

The creation of CALM rooms right across the hospitals, giving staff the safe, quiet space that they need when things get tough or when they are on a break from a busy shift;

A new 'Keep in touch' service', allowing patients to remain in contact with their loved ones during their stay in hospital;

Treat and comfort packs for staff throughout the hospitals, including food and drinks as well as toiletries so that staff can freshen up in between busy shifts and demonstrate how appreciated they are;

Patient comfort packs, ensuring that patients are comfortable and rewarded during their stay;

Radios that have gone right around the hospitals, ensuring that morale is kept as high as possible at all times.

But the truth is that there is much more besides the above as the charity is working every day to give support to NHS heroes.

And now, the charity wants to say an enormous ‘THANK YOU’ to the people of Sheffield who have made this possible.

Adrian Stone, Chairman of Sheffield Hospitals Chairty, said:

“We want to say a very heatfelt ‘thank you’ to everybody who has so generously supported our local appeal, as well as the national NHS Charities Together appeal, including Captain Tom’s efforts. Never has the support of the people of Sheffield meant so much.

“Our job has been to ensure that your money is spent in ways that you would think we wise, caring and impactful and we are proud of everything that we have been able to provide at these challenging times. Ensuring that our hospitals and their staff have the support they need is our number one priority.

“Now, please help us to continue this work and keep supporting our NHS. We are still seeing unprecedented levels of heroism from all NHS staff and we want to continue to do all that we can to support them.”

Sheffield Hospitals Charity recognises that there is far more work to do. Staff at hospitals in Sheffield continue to need to support and care from the charity as they care for patients.

The charity will continue to support its hospitals and their staff as this pandemic continues to affect us all. But in order to do that, Sheffield Hospitals Charity needs your help.

You can support your local NHS by donating to Sheffield Hospitals Charity’s appeal, here:

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