Social Elevator join Sheffield Chamber Membership

31st October 2018

Understanding how to get the most out of your social media is necessary in this technological era.

With the use of social media platforms growing year-on-year the availability of audience data has never been so high. We often get asked by clients where their audience might be, but with over 2.23 billion monthly active users across the Facebook platform and 260 monthly active users worldwide, the truth is they are everywhere. It's not really about where they are it's about how you target them. That's what we do. Elevator Films created by Chris Edwards began as a video production company which then changed into a social media company now trading as Social Elevator. With a specialism in lead generation using video the change was a natural one. Using our prior experience and knowledge in the TV and Film production industry we do things differently to most social media companies. We post content for our clients that is specialised around content that really engages with their audiences like infographics, creative photos/imagery, film and animation content such as Facebook lives, short animations and on-brand graphics. All of this directs traffic to unique lead generation tools such as landing pages, sales funnels and email lists. Whilst likes are important the real success in social media is building content that creates a powerful sales pipeline for our clients. Growing your brand awareness just by having a website can take a very long time, but a social media post explaining your latest product can gain traction in days or even hours. Better still, writing a post costs nothing. Posting that post costs nothing either. Customers can share photos of themselves with your product which is free word-of-mouth marketing and you can also answer customer queries to increase customer loyalty. It might be that you have changed your opening hours for Christmas, so write a post and share it on your social media platform. Ask if customers are happy and build a conversation. Information sharing is one of the reasons customers will go to social media; to find out the latest news, opening times or events happening in your business. All of this can be shared for free with social media marketing. In the last few months Chris and the team have been joined by Becca to make it a talented husband (video and social media guru) and wife (the wordsmith) team that will drive Social Elevator to become a powerful social media production company. Working with the NHS, Next and many local SME businesses the team are looking forward to expanding and helping other SME businesses to compete with their biggest competitors on the world's biggest platforms. Want to know more, check out on the Internet. Learn more at the 4X Club, an online eLearning platform that breaks down the exact process that generates our customers umpteen leads each month at Instagram: Facebook: Linkedin: Twitter:

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