Solent NHS Trust sign the Forces4Change Charter

8th April 2019

Solent NHS Trust has signed the Forces4Change Charter with ExForcesNet, a Sheffield based organisation supporting businesses in delivering a considered Armed Forces Programme.

As part of this programme, Solent NHS Trust, leading an alliance for Armed Forces Mental Health services has secured nearly £700k of Armed Forces Covenant funding to deliver a three tier support service: • Quick Reaction Force (QRF) trained individuals to go out to veterans in crisis and supported through reflective practice. • Well Being house provided by Solent Mind and supported by Solent NHS Trust for everyday support, but a pathway into, • Recovery College, - run by Solent Mind and Solent NHS Trust providing an educational approach to recovery rather than one of patient/doctor. Specific veteran curriculum being developed. Both the Wellbeing House and the Recovery College work on a dual support basis with professionals and lived experience peer mentors The model can be lifted and placed into any area with the support of agencies and an appropriate level of funding. For further details please visit To learn more about ExForcesNet, please visit

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