Support needed for Sheffield Hallam University students this new academic year.

25th August 2021

Due to the significant impacts Covid-19 has had on organisations we are looking for help to support our students with in-curriculum projects and some short placements/work experiences.

 All of this is no financial cost to you at all, just some of your time which varies on the options.

Sheffield Hallam have some great opportunities to work with students from this October through to next Easter. They have in-curriculum opportunities to have students do projects for you or complete short placements with you as either individuals or in groups (virtually or face to face-we are flexible).

Applied Projects

Sheffield Hallam's Applied Projects scheme is a work-related learning scheme, which allows students to put their theory into practice through ‘real life’ projects, which are accredited as part of their degree.

Student groups work on projects spanning 10-12 weeks across term time: Semester 1 (late September – December) and Semester 2 (January – April).

Students work on projects independently with their tutors, therefore needing only a small amount of your time.

Please click here to see the project areas covered Project areas | Applied Projects (formerly Venture Matrix) (

Students can help add value to your organisation, supporting projects that you may have struggled to put time or resources into.   Students can offer key skills, specialist knowledge and fresh insight into your organisation.

Take a look at Sheffield Hallam's website - Applied Projects (formerly Venture Matrix) (

How to apply:

If you’re comfortable to go ahead you can find a link to the Project Scoping form here; Applied Projects - Project Scoping Form ( please put in what information you can and Sheffield Hallam can talk you through the rest. Deadline 6-30th September (flexible to term time needs).

Or you can email with some brief detail and they will call you to discuss scoping out a project if you’d prefer. Please just put in the form it’s regards applied projects.


  • Deadline to Apply between 6th and the end of September 2021 (6th for projects to be undertaken before Christmas, 30th for January onwards). Sheffield Hallam will be in contact with you to arrange meetings with your student group and academic. Sept/Oct 2021

Short Placements

Sheffield Hallam are currently looking for opportunities for our students to undertake unpaid short placements in curriculum in the areas of:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Events and festivals
  • Food and nutrition
  • Sport management
  • Management
  • Human resources
  • Geography
  • Construction
  • Architecture
  • Criminology and law
  • Humanities, Psychology, Sociology, Politics.

Please contact Sheffield Hallam with any other areas you are interested in as we can look at multi-disciplinary options also.

Students will undertake (depending on course) between 120-300 hours of work experience (this varies depending on the course), which will be free to employers and enable students to gain credits towards their degree.   

Please get in touch to discuss which are suitable and Sheffield Hallam will talk you through the process.

0114 225 5000

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