Switchstance launch new Geolocation Marketing App

13th January 2021

Switchstance like to bring a fresh perspective to projects, challenging the norm wherever they can. Supporting their clients to drive their innovative ideas and turn them into a reality is what makes them tick.

So, the opportunity to help bring cutting-edge customer engagement app MyGeo to market was right up their street.

They started as they often do with an in-depth discovery project. This helped to pull the great ideas out of their clients’ minds and turn them into a realistic digital strategy to make MyGeo a reality.

Providing application design, technical consultancy and development alongside the Appsi Co team, the ground-breaking MyGeo mobile app for iOS and Android was born.

Since the launch, development on MyGeo is ongoing, never standing still, always looking for opportunities to innovate.

Switchstance continue to work in partnership, assessing new requirements as they arise, always asking the pertinent questions to keep things on track:

  • Is it different?
  • Is it true to the vision?
  • Will it bring BIG benefits?

What is MyGeo: Revolutionising Marketing?:

  • Helping Businesses to market innovatively and stand out, in a climate where this is more important than ever
  • Revolutionising real-time customer engagement
  • Cutting-edge geolocation marketing

To read more about the MyGeo marketing revolution click here.

Have an idea you’d like to progress but not quite sure where to start? Switchstance would love to talk to you. Get in touch

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