The Importance of Signage and Graphics in the Workspace...

17th January 2018

In today's world, businesses have to fight for their client's attention, money, and loyalty.

What gives your business brand the edge over the hundreds of other competitors your clients could choose from? I don't mean to spoil the ending, but in brief, the answer lies in branding your business to be memorable. Branding is both tangible and intangible. You have to consider that your clients are not only purchasing your product/service, but the expectation of what they can experience from it. For instance, your client isn't just buying lipstick, she is buying the expectation of beauty and attention when she wears it. Your business's appearance can promise a certain prestige or experience when your clients visit it. Your clients can have a first impression of your business before they even talk to an employee just from the way it looks! For example, if you want to attract children to your toy store, you need to design your building to appeal to them. The wall graphics and signs inside can be whimsical, easy to understand, and oversized just to make children feel like your business is a fun place to go to. You'll be surprised how quickly your sales will increase by simply focusing on your building's appearance. Make yourself memorable. Brand identity relies on appearance. The feeling clients get when they see your business brand and building is the feeling they will remember and associate with you in the future. You are in control of how they remember your business. They will feel loyal to a brand that delivered the experience they were hoping for when they purchased something from you. By using wall décor, graphics, appropriate signage, and the latest trends you can ensure that your client's first impression of your business is positive. Your building's indoor appearance not only affects the way that clients view your brand, but also your staff morale. If your office walls are a drab, dingy yellow colour and the signage is old and plain, your staff will be hesitant to even go to work! As soon as you make your office area a nice place to be, you'll see your staff morale and production increase. Let's consider that same office I just described. Just paint the walls an energising new shade of colour, hang interesting, appropriate artwork, and install new, trendy signs and voila! Your staff will be motivated to be productive in such a modern environment. Branding is basically making your business stand out in your client's minds. It's important for both your clients and your staff. Your staff will feel proud and motivated to work for such an innovative, well-designed business brand. Likewise, your clients will be proud to purchase something from you. Your branding relies on your business appearance. Make the extra effort to boost your brand appearance and the results will be worth it! Here at Dyson Signs + Graphics, our number one priority is you, the client. From our Sheffield based offices and factory, we work with a huge clientele base on one off bespoke jobs to full roll out programmes for blue chip companies and provide a nationwide service, that covers the length and breadth of the UK. Now that you've seen who we are and what we do, if you have any questions, need some advice from one of our experts, or if you would like to make an enquiry, please contact us on: We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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