The Rhyme of King Harold

17th October 2013

Sheffield journalist Ian Macgill collaborated with oXyFire Media Creative to produce a reading of his upcoming book, 'The Rhyme of King Harold'.

Based on the Famous English King of 1066, it is written entirely in verse and explains why England came to be conquered by the Normans at The Battle of Hastings. This interesting style offered an amazing opportunity to allow audiences to preview Ian's story for the first time through film. Filmed at the Sheffield Crucible Theatre, oXyFire Media Creative and Drew Perry were provided with the creative freedom to produce beautiful visuals. The piece was shot on a Sony FS700 and illuminated using a 500w softbox, two backlights and Dedolights. oXyFire Media Creative used their unique 'Design, Do, Build and Deliver' workflow process to bring to life King Harold, and Queen Emma (the mother of Edward the Confessor). Ian Macgill was really happy with the outcome, stating -... it looks wonderful I was impressed with how smoothly oXyFire operated. It would seem that this fantastic project has brought King Harold into a modern day context. You can watch the video at: For more details contact: Ian Macgill at Grapevine Publishing Jay Rozanski at oXyFire Media Creative

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