The Sales Growth Club Live

8th May 2019

The Sales Growth Club Live happens on Monday May 20th in Sheffield.

The topic is "Growth Management" and if you're struggling to pin point exactly why the Sales aren't coming in, or, if you want to brush up on your Sales approach then this Workshop is for you. WHAT WILL HAPPEN ON THE DAY? You will work through the four key areas that are the keys to unlock the growth of Sales in your business. 1. Using your Sales Funnel and Sales process to focus on growth. 2. Using your Prospect Profiles to drive efficient and effective growth. 3. Using your SMART Targets to direct, measure and maintain growth. 4. Using your Personal Development to continually innovate to support sales growth. Sign up here: Find out more what people say about previous Sales Growth Club events here; Read what previous participants say here 👇🏼

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