The Sales Mindset Coach: To Sell or Not to Sell is the Question?

15th April 2020

To sell or not to sell, this question is being debated across all our Social Media platforms right now isn’t it.

The answer is a resounding YES – SELL!

You know me and you know that I will be saying sell, don’t stop – you can’t stop.

People still need what you do, you are still solving problems and you are still adding value.

What might have changed is how your buyer is buying and how they want to buy it.

I know some of us are having a real hard time right now and I totally get that.

Actually I’ve described this as feeling like a tap was turned off.

The flow of training I had scheduled to deliver stopped (well was postponed ) and the lead generation activity was all of a sudden leading to dead ends.

I understand the reason people are asking the question “To Sell or Not to Sell”, but, does that mean that buyers aren’t buying?

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