The Sheffield College has partnered with others to deliver new Higher Skills Higher Growth programme

21st July 2021

The Sheffield College has partnered with Sheffield Hallam University and RNN Group to deliver the new Higher Skills Higher Growth programme within the Sheffield City Region.

Open to organisations employing fewer than 250 people, as part of the HSHG programme we can now offer support for your projects with the assistance of our new brand-new Business Support Teams. This new approach to work placements will allow you to access the talent of all our students and graduates to help complete your projects.

Keep on reading to find out how we can help support your business:

What is a Business Support Team?

The Sheffcol Business Support Teams are a new initiative designed to provide local SME’s the extra manpower they need to help see their business grow. The teams are handpicked depending on the project brief with the intention of utilising the student’s specific interests and skillsets to benefit the employer. Additionally, by taking part in the Business Support Team our learners are provided with valuable workplace experience.

Which students can get involved?

Any student registered with RNN Group, Sheffield Hallam or The Sheffield College can join you for a placement – full time or part time, no matter the course! Through our partnership with these organisations, we are able to ensure no market or business sector is left uncovered when it comes to support.

How long can a placement last?

There’s no stipulated time, if you have a short project lasting just a day, to a more in-depth plan, we can assist.

How many students can I have?

As many as you think is necessary! The beauty of the Business Support Team initiative is that each team will have been created with a different project in mind so will be completely different to those that have come before in terms of size and skills.

What does it cost?

The students labour and time is completely free. The only thing you will cover is the costs of the materials needed. This is a fantastic way to help support and grow your business, all whilst providing the young people of SCR with much needed industry experience! A complete win-win.

How can I get involved?

To find out more about how you can get involved with our Business Support Teams and how we can help support your business visit,

Alternatively speak to a member of our dedicated team who will be more than happy to discuss how best to suit your needs -

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