The World Has Gone Digital: Here’s How High Street Businesses Can Keep Up

6th July 2021

Sheffield is back to business—but you can’t afford to let customers pass you by!

The pandemic changed the world forever, with many businesses swiftly adapting by moving their offering online. Now that restrictions are easing, there’s one question: How can you bring that digital experience to the high street? Luckily, that’s exactly what one Sheffield company plans to do.

Stop Customers Having an Online Affair

Online sales have surged over the last year, and it hardly takes a genius to figure out why. So, if you own a brick and mortar business, it’s time to tear your customers away from their online affair.

Geo for Business helps you bring all the excitement of online shopping to the high street. On average Brits look at their phones once every 12 minutes. That includes when they are shopping, socialising, and wandering.

If you want to catch their eye, there’s only one way to do it. The brand new promotions platform means you can grab nearby customers’ attention instantly with GeoReward™ promotions sent directly to their smartphones.

Reach Entire Friendship Groups

More than half of consumers trust their friends' recommendations over other advertising, according to recent research. So, what if you could harness that power and reach entire groups of friends?

When a customer interacts with a GeoReward™, it automatically shares across their social network so their whole social circle is reached. That swift move gives your promotion a 10x boost.

Sean, Geo for Business founder said: “What we’re seeing is a full-circle moment where the benefits and value of the online world come to the real world highstreet.. Geo for Business is a new way of connecting with customers, giving great value, growing sales and building brand loyalty.

“But we also know that there’s power in social trust too!,” continues Sean. “That’s why we’ve built-in the unique social sharing feature that creates a snowball effect for your promotions.”

Get Ready for a Whole New Platform

Geo for Business is set to land in the Steel City this summer. The team are currently reaching out to business partners around the city to give them the opportunity to use the digital platform. With loads more to come and some surprises along the way, this leap in digital marketing is here to stay.

Want to be one of the first to use Geo for Business? Join the platform’s private social media groups on LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Facebook now to be in at the beginning. You don’t want to be late to this show.

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