Thousands Take Part in Groundbreaking Research Trial

25th March 2019

The health-led employment trial is testing a revolutionary type of support service to help people find and stay in work.

Earning a decent living, enjoying work and living a healthy life are things that everyone deserves. Sometimes it's challenging to get this balance right, and help to do so can be hard to find, but a ground-breaking new research trial is bringing hope to South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw. The Working Win trial is testing an approach that is tailored to meet the needs of the individual. This new method focusses on strengths, skills and aspirations to help people achieve their ambitions whilst maintaining good health. The trial is funded by the Government's Work and Health Unit, co-commissioned with Sheffield City Region combined authority and delivered by South Yorkshire Housing Association. Simply, the trial's aim is to find out how good this new support service is at helping people find and stay in work. -We're testing one-to-one support to suit your needs, and help to achieve your employment goals. We can help you to find a job if you aren't in paid employment, and offer continued support once you've started. We also provide help to manage your health condition at work. -The team are able to offer benefits advice to see if work could increase your income and we can also help talk to your employer about your needs at work. The trial is for people with a mental and/or physical health condition who are out of work and looking for a job, or in work and struggling. Participants can be aged 18 or over and need to be registered with a GP in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw. In an interview with BBC Radio Sheffield, one of the trial participants, Graham, said -(Working Win) treated me like a person; not as a number, or a problem, or an inconvenience they gave me my smile back. They gave me my life back. It's as simple as that Niall O'Reilly, Head of Work and Wellbeing at South Yorkshire Housing Association, said: -We're incredibly grateful to the 2'500 people across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw who are already taking part. -They're helping us test an innovative new way of supporting people with health conditions to find and sustain good work, an approach that's compassionate, strengths-based and entirely voluntary. -The feedback we've already received from participants is really encouraging. More than 90% of people describe our service as Good or Excellent. -There's still an opportunity for 5'000 more people to sign up. If you want to be part of this ground-breaking trial or if you know a patient, friend, family member or co-worker who might benefit please do visit or call 0114 2900 218 So how does the trial work? It's a randomised control trial meaning people who take part will be randomly placed into one of two research groups. One group will receive the new service while the other is provided with information about existing services in their area. For more information on WorkingWin call 0114 2900 218, email or visit and complete the sign-up form. Case Studies -I'm literally living my dream Susanne is one of the most enthusiastic bus drivers you'll ever meet. She loves every aspect of the job; from talking to customers, working in the control room to learning new routes. After moving to Sheffield in her late 20's, Susanne has worked in various roles over the years, but nothing has let that passion shine through like working for First Bus it's become a lifeline for her and her family. After difficulties in her last job in manufacturing, Susanne was signed off with work related stress. -I suppose the long and short of it is that I didn't feel 'listened' to. I started to panic about going to work. I felt like it was dangerous, that people were at risk. I felt like I was the only one speaking out about it and nothing was being done. "Accessing counselling and other support through her GP and WorkingWin meant that Susanne was able to talk about her feelings. "My stress was related to the environment I was in, and by taking positive steps to change that environment, I could take back control of my health and wellbeing. So that is what I did! -I feel so safe in this new job. The training has been fantastic, and I've excelled in areas that I never thought I would. -My whole life, I have advocated for others. One day, I realised I needed support too. Fifty-three year old employment lawyer, Nikki started her career as a filing clerk. After a successful 33 years, she decided to take voluntary redundancy which meant she found herself looking for a new job. It wasn't easy to get a new position in a firm that would recognise the lifelong experience Nikki had acquired, and when she finally did, things didn't work out the way she had hoped with her new employer. -I remember thinking; you know what - I could do with all the help I can get right now! Over the last few months, I have spent a lot of time thinking about and working out what I want to do, what my values are, what I am good at - and importantly to me, how best I can help other people. Thinking in this way has helped me map out a career that I can be proud of again. -I might have experience working in employment law, but I'm no expert in finding employment, so taking this new approach with WorkingWin has been invaluable to me. -It hasn't been easy. There were times when I have doubted myself. But I've pushed through and I've been able to keep doing what I love and what I am good at. I represent people who've lost employment through discrimination or unfair practices, through no fault of their own. I also work directly with employers so that I can help them to put in the right level of support and structures to keep employees safe and legal. WorkingWin Tel: 0114 2900 218 Email:

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