TwinklHive: Innovate and Adapt during Coronavirus

22nd April 2020

We’ve partnered with the Sheffield Covid-19 Business Response Group to deliver our support to local companies.

In 2019, Sheffield global educational publisher Twinkl launched TwinklHive, a business accelerator designed to support startups. In this time of need, the teams behind TwinklHive want to open up our skills and knowledge to support local businesses beyond our usual education remit. We’ve partnered with the Sheffield Covid-19 Business Response Group to deliver our support to local companies.

With the coronavirus crisis causing a great deal of uncertainty in business and society, innovation is key – particularly for making changes that prevent blocks to cashflow or require costly outlays. One of the services TwinklHive offers is the Innovation Lab, Twinkl’s in-house innovation consultancy which thrives on challenge and collaboration.

We would like to offer a session we would usually run for our investment partners, to you and other local businesses.

We believe that by bringing together the knowledge, skills and resources of local Sheffield businesses to collaborate with one another we can help businesses survive through this unprecedented time.

We are not talking educational companies here – this is open to any and all industries.

We are offering a one hour consultation session (free) to 5 local businesses, during which we will explore potential pivots.

If you’re a local business with a key challenge you need to overcome quickly, or you feel that you have skills and resources that could support others, let us know by filling in this form.

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