UK Immigration System Overhauled: What Does This Mean for your business?

1st March 2021

Most people would agree that the end of 2020 was a welcome relief, but the start of 2021 is already bringing its own challenges in the immigration world, with the overhaul of the UK’s immigration system.

Freedom of movement has now ended for new arrivals to the UK from the EU. For those who arrived pre 1 January 2021, if they haven’t already applied under the EU settlement scheme, they have until the end of June 2021 to do this. It is a straightforward application that is made via a phone app. 

Applicants are then granted pre-settled or settled status, depending  on how long they can establish they have been here. 

What does this mean in practice?

If you are looking to hire new talent from outside the UK and Ireland and the candidate doesn’t have a family link or are not a recent graduate from a UK university, they will need a Skilled Worker visa.

Key criteria:

  • Approved sponsor.
  • Skilled role.
  • English language.


If you are an EU national looking to start and grow your business here, the best option for now may be the UK’s Global Talent visa.

The Government will soon publish more on the new Highly Skilled Worker visa. This will permit those with relevant skills and experience to come here without a job offer.

Key considerations:

  • Talent source? Do you recruit from the EU – can you continue?
  • sponsor licence? can take some time and needs to be done carefully.
  • budget ? Employers will have to pay £199 for Certificates of Sponsorship and the Immigration Skills Charge of up to £1000 per year per candidate.
  • Will you help candidates with application fees they need to pay?

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