University to host innovative pop-up peer therapy event

18th May 2018

University of Sheffield to host innovative pop-up therapy event today (Wednesday 16 May 2018) to encourage students to talk to peers about whatever is on their mind Taking place during Mental Health Awareness (14-20 May 2018), the event raises awareness of the importance of problem solving for students mental wellbeing.

The event will create a physical space for students to have open conversations, share common problems and experiences and support each other. A pop-up event at the University of Sheffield today (Wednesday 16 May 2018) offers an innovative way to promote students mental wellbeing through peer therapy will offer. The University Counselling Service (UCS) is hosting Pop-Up Therapy, a unique event encouraging students to talk about whatever is on their mind. Unlike formal therapy or counselling, pop-up therapy is about creating a space where students can drop by and share their problems with each other. Taking place during Mental Health Awareness Week (14-20 May 2018), the event aims to raise awareness of how important the role of problem solving and mental wellbeing are in a student's life. With a stigma often attached to speaking out about problems and a feeling that nobody will understand or even want to hear about them, Pop-Up Therapy offers a space that has permission to share. Students can have an open conversation and share common problems and experiences. With a focus on listening, pop-up therapy encourages students to recognise that sometimes, common problems can often be answered by engaging in everyday conversation about feelings and mental wellbeing. Louise Knowles, Head of Counselling and Psychological Well Being Service at the University of Sheffield, said: -Not everyone wants to talk with a professional therapist or counsellor. Pop-up therapy offers an opportunity for students who may just want to talk an everyday problem through with a fellow student.   -Low-key and informal, we have professional staff on hand to offer additional support if needed and to facilitate students talking with other students to help them all feel better that day. Pop-Up Therapy will take place at the Edge in Endcliffe Student Residences on Wednesday 16 May 2018 from 11.00am onwards. It is open and free for all students at the University of Sheffield to drop-in and either talk or listen. Background information The University's Counselling Service (UCS) was the first university counselling service to be awarded accreditation by APPTS in recognition of its talented and clinically robust team who offer a varied range of treatments and interventions in a challenging environment. SAMHS (Student Access to Mental Health Support) is the first point of contact for students to explore a broad range of psychological support. Any University of Sheffield student can register online with SAMHS and book an initial, 'triage' appointment. At a triage appointment, the student's suitability for one-to-one counselling at UCS is considered as well as a wide range of other available interventions. All students have free access to Big White Wall at home or while abroad. It provides immediate access to 24/7 online peer and professional support, with trained counsellors. There are now two drop-in groups each week, a mindfulness group and hypnosis for inner calm and positivity, which require no registration and are free to all students. To find out more about psychological support at the University of Sheffield, visit:

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