Wake Smith Helps Sheffield Project Gain Charitable Status

24th August 2018

Wake Smith Solicitors has helped trustees of a Sheffield gym project apply to become a charitable incorporated organisation.

Unity Gym Project, which was set up in the inner city ward of Broomhall in 2010, is committed to community development and the promotion of health and well-being. The culmination of the legal work meant the project was then picked as one of the new Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Magid Magid's three chosen charities for the year. Andy Gillott from Unity Gym Project, said: -We engage with vulnerable young people and adults who often don't wish to access mainstream services. Helping them make positive life choices and improve their health and wellbeing. Our ethos is to empower the young people and families within the community to take ownership of their own development. -Unity Gym is a fundamental part of the fabric of Broomhall and a crucially important organisation. The more we can increase awareness about our project and support more young people, the better. -With the advice and support from Wake Smith Solicitors we were able to establish our not-for-profit organisation as a registered charity around a tight deadline. -We simply could not have done this without the excellent service and support received from Wake Smith Solicitors. Thank you to Rebecca Robinson for her advice and knowledge, support, patience, encouragement, promptly responding to all enquiries as well as the great level of communication throughout the Charity registration process. -This has now allowed us to transform our organisation and further our charitable causes. A charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) is a form of legal entity designed for non-profit organisations in the United Kingdom and is registered with the Charity Commission. Last year more than 1,600 people accessed Unity Gym's services, including a community gymnasium and benefited from our qualified fitness trainers, mentors and youth workers. The organisation also runs an open access youth club; preventative and diversionary activities, employment and upskilling sessions to teach and support the development of life skills for young people; mentoring to offer support for personal and educational development; health and well-being sessions for adults and young people; and, community mediation to tackle/diffuse conflict and improve community cohesion. Director Rebecca Robinson, who handled the work in Wake Smith's commercial team said: -We wish Unity Gym Project the best of luck with their new status. -The main intended benefits of becoming a CIO is that the organisation then has legal personality, the ability to conduct business in its own name, and limited liability so that its members and trustees will not have to contribute in the event of financial loss. It also reduces bureaucracy for the organisation. -It can now also benefit from Giftaid donations.- For further information on gaining charitable status call Rebecca Robinson on 0114 266 6660 or visit www.wake-smith.co.uk To find out more about Unity Gym Project follow Twitter @UnityGymProject or visit www.unitygym.org.uk

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