Welcoming Ukrainian nationals in the UK: Immigration routes and key considerations

26th April 2022

Exploring immigration routes to welcome Ukrainian nationals in the UK? See this informative guide from immigration experts, Fragomen, on key considerations and an overview of the main routes available.

Fragomen understands that many businesses have Ukrainian staff that they are looking to bring safely to the UK. Or they may be looking to help other Ukrainians who are fleeing from war and are considering whether they can assist with relocation. Of course, this is not as simple as just immigration, other factors like the logistics of leaving Ukraine or travelling onward to the UK, individual circumstances, accommodation, language skills, and critically, emotional wellbeing will form a large part of that decision.

This guide covers immigration considerations and provides an overview of the main routes available for Ukrainian applicants to work in the UK, although working will not always be the key consideration. With the introduction of new schemes and concessions, it may be difficult to know which option is best. This summary aims to help employers to identify a route that not only works but is also the most beneficial for the individual.

Click here to download the guide 

Fragomen is a firm of more than 4,300 immigration-focused professionals and staff spanning more than 55 offices worldwide. For more information, or to speak to a member of the team call +44 20 7090 9100 or visit www.fragomen.com

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