28th November 2012

The Wicker Arches have long been identified as one of Sheffield's key Landmarks .

The Arches have a special place in the History of our City and there are hundreds if not thousands of Photographs and artwork spanning centuries Most cities in England and certainly across Europe have similar structures that identify  the Gates to their City . I would also suggest that these cities celebrate and maintain these structures to create iconic features that welcome the visitor and welcome home the citizen  . The City of Sheffield is going through many changes . Sevenstone The Moor The Markets Park Hill Flats and University Development  show that even in times of recession Sheffield is at least making an effort to make itself attractive for prosperity and investment . The Castlegate area is a place that offers huge potential as part of a regeneration scheme for the City Centre and the Wicker Arches are the Gateway to the proposed -GOLD ROUTE . The Wicker itself has improved dramatically thanks to investment . The Wicker Arches also act as a buffer between the City and the Lower Don Valley our major commercial and Industrial district  . The Wicker Arches should now  be Recognised as the -CITY GATE . A refurbishment programme would surely create a terrific focal point for the City and also aid the regeneration as well as link up the City to the Valley . An illuminated ,clean and shiny Wicker Arches will look fantastic !   The recent arrival of the TESCO extra should be seen as a positive step and will help the Spital Hill /Burngreave  regeneration project . Urgent Consideration should now be given to making The Savile House project work possibly the best Office Development on offer in the city yet surrounded by the blight of an old sawmill which tragically for some unfathomable reason has been listed This decision can and should be reversed and demolition to create a better aesthetic must make sense  . If they can knock Jessops down then the old saw mill should be a breeze .   The Spider Bridge deserves a wider public and The Wicker could  quickly become a vibrant lifestyle quarter with an edge  !   Another piece of the jigsaw is sat waiting and for a relatively small amount of investment can make a magnificent statement of the intent of the City of Sheffield . Maybe this is something that the whole of Sheffield can come together and campaign for after all who wouldn't want to see a revitalised Wicker Arches ! Sheffield City Trust and Hallamshire Historic Building Society offer membership and we at ABC urge you to join up and get involved .   www.sheffieldcivictrust.org.uk/   http://www.hhbs.org.uk/     David Slater ABC www.spacessheffield.com  

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