Wildfire create remote work from home team games

24th March 2020

At uncertain times its crucial to work together and keep motivated. Wildfire Agency try to think outside of the box and want to keep people motivated, they think working as a team helps with this and so have come up with some amazing new activities.

Working at home can be a challenge especially if it is your first time, staying in contact with your team and staying motivated are the two main challenges. So Wildfire have come up with some team building activities to get you and your team fired up and working together.

These team building activities can be done anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

In teams they have plenty of challenges to get you having fun and putting a smile on faces when times are tough.

From their Remote Team Building Quiz to Online Escape Rooms they have the perfect event to get your team Fired Up!

Their 2 most popular events are…

Remote Quiz! Test your team’s knowledge

They have devised a remote based quiz which will include your company being split into teams who will then have their own chat room where they can interact with team mates and will then have a separate chat channel that all the participants will be in for the quick fire rounds.

The whole event will be run by a fun quiz master who will be streamed through a live video link which will include interactive elements so that people can engage with the quiz master. At the end of all the rounds the scores would be totaled up and the winning team would be announced with prizes being sent to their homes.

Participants can either log on through their phone, tablet or laptop.

This is a great way to keep people communicating, make sure people are engaged and give back to your team.

Remote Escape Room. Can you escape?

They have created a unique take on the popular escape rooms.

They have a number of different rooms available that groups can view through a live video feed, you will then have to inform your own individual escapee what to do. Your team will then tell their member of staff what to do and will have to get them out of the room in a set amount of time.

Your team will be able to interact with the member of staff and will have to ask them to do everything required. They will not act of their own accord.

On top of guiding the escapee around the room, the participants will also be given tasks they must complete which would then give them extra information in order to work their way out of the room.

To find out more about these fantastic remote team building activities get in touch with Wildfire on 0333 200 4335 or email ignite@wildfireagency.co.uk

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