Yorkshire is the Place to be for Graduates

24th October 2012

Statistics recently released from HECSU (Higher Education Careers Services Unit) show that Yorkshire is the only region other than London to have a net gain of graduates residing in the region.

The figures show the percentage change in graduates living in a region in relation for the number originally domiciled in the area in 2010/11. London, perhaps unsurprisingly, saw an increase in graduates of 57.2% and Yorkshire showed an increase of 1.2%. Each of the other regions across the UK suffered a net loss of graduates residing in their area. The worst hit areas were the East of England, Northern Ireland and the South East of England with a net loss of 21.2%, 17.9%, 13.3% respectively. Martin Edmondson, CEO, Graduates Yorkshire said -Whilst Yorkshire's gain of 1.2% may seem small,when compared to the rest of the UK,Yorkshire has fared very well. The 50,000 graduates we have registered on our jobsite demonstratesthat we have talent in our region. What needs to happen now is investment so we can utilise that talent for the benefit of the region. The Graduates Yorkshire Big Grad Survey conducted this year showed that underemployment is a major issue for Yorkshire's graduates with 53% of employed respondents reporting that they do not perceive themselves to be in a graduate level job. Unemployment has repercussions for all sections of society as the underutilisation of graduate skills stifles businesses, and therefore economic growth. Society invests a lot in higher education so if our graduates are not then able to take up graduate positions the investment has been wasted. The focus of policymakers, employers, universities and graduates themselves has to now change to ensure that we maximise the potential of graduates for their own benefit and for that of the local economy. It is clear that, relatively speaking, Yorkshire does not have a problem with retaining graduates. Instead, what is needed is a clear strategy to identify what skills are required to make the county prosper and how we go about effectively using the graduates residing in our region.

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