YWCA Yorkshire- can your business help support local vulnerable families?

13th February 2019

YWCA Yorkshire is providing life changing accommodation and support to hundreds of vulnerable families across Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster every year.

We house over 50 young women at any one time who have nowhere else to go and often have children dependent on them to survive. As well as this, 200 families in their own home receive one-2-one support and guidance from our specially trained staff. What are we doing locally to you? In Sheffield we have Peile house, a hostel for homeless and vulnerable young women who have a range of complex needs, including pregnancy, learning Disabilities, poor mental health, domestic violence and sexual exploitation. The project is based in the Pitsmoor area which ranks amongst the top 10% of most deprived communities on the IMD, including being in the top 10% in the domains of poor income, unemployment and health deprivation. Our government funding does not stretch as far as the demand for all our services and is becoming increasingly uncertain. We are needing to fundraise more and more to keep running, relying on the generosity of businesses. Is your business looking to give back? Then forming a partnership with YWCA Yorkshire may bring these wide variety of benefits to you and your employees: Knowing that you are making a difference to young people's lives, in the most deprived areas of Sheffield Positive publicity on social media Boosting staff engagement and morale Building local community relationships Tax relief benefits- visit www.gov.uk/donating-to-charity/overview to find out what financial perks a partnership could bring How can your business work with YWCA Yorkshire? Have us as your charity of the year Sponsorship of events Gifts in kind Company donations Challenge events Collection tins Or any other way you want to fundraise! What difference can we make, together? £200 a year buys necessities such as toiletries for a young woman to make her time with us a little more comfortable. £500 could help feed a family for a year who are struggling to get by. £1250 sends six young women on freedom course to help victims of domestic abuse make sense of what has happened to them and prevent future harm to them and their children £6,151 keeps our 24-hour emergency hostel in Sheffield running for a whole week. Please visit www.ywcayorkshire.org.uk/corporate-giving/ to find out more and read real stories of women who have overcome adversity with the help of YWCA Yorkshire. Any further questions, please get in touch at emily.evans@ywcayorkshire.org.uk or call on 07939618410.

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