Sheffield Business Together

Working with Sheffield Business Together, we are creating a citywide network of 1000s of businesses, voluntary and public sector organisations, to connect, collaborate and harness resources to tackle the big challenges facing our city and communities.

The focus of this partnership is to scale and grow the incredible work that Sheffield Business Together is already doing, to bring like-minded businesses together to collaborate, connect, share, and harness resources to address some of the key challenges facing our city and communities.

Now, more than ever, we need to come together.

Businesses want to give back and our aim is to make it easy for you to do so. Providing opportunities tailored to your business and expertise, that make a measurable and tangible impact to city challenges.

How you can help and get involved?

Available to all Chamber members, through a simple, easy-to-access brokerage service, we will work with you to tailor and match opportunities relevant to your business and people.

Whether your focus is supporting our voluntary sector, working with schools and colleges, in deprived communities to change the life chances of a young person or supporting more collaborative projects to tackle social issues. There are a range of opportunities to get involved in.

For an idea of Sheffield Business Together’s key campaigns and ideas of how your business could help click here.

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Access to this service is simple.

Whether you are a business that wants to give back or to understand how you can help, this is your one-stop-shop.

Or if you are a charity looking for support and would like to be introduced to Chamber members with the skills and expertise to help.

Contact Sheffield Chamber via the details below. A member of the partnership will then get in touch.  

Call:         0114 201 8888


This service is delivered in partnership through Sheffield Chamber, Sheffield Business Together, Voluntary Action Sheffield and Business in the Community.

Check out the latest opportunities available below: 

More exclusive opportunities are available to Chamber members. Login to the member hub here to see what you can get involved in.