You, me and Neurodiversity

Find out how you can become more inclusive by understanding and embracing neurodiversity with this toolkit.

In May 2023 the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Sheffield Hallam University held an informative and thought-provoking virtual panel discussion which aimed to help employers and educational institutions create a culture of inclusion for all – including neurodivergent people.

The panel set out to discover how much you already know about neurodiversity (but might not realise) and grow your understanding so everyone within your organisation can thrive.

Through topics such as: 

  • Understanding neurodiversity and the different ways in which the brain works
  • Recognising the benefits of neurodiversity
  • Their personal experiences and thoughts surrounding neurodiversity

The panel consisted of:

  • Bea Marshall (she/ her): Bea is an award-winning neurodivergent being who helps organisations embrace neurodiversity through training and consultancy. She also contributes to TV and Radio as a Parenting Expert and is a former TEDx speaker.

  • Dr Luke Beardon: Luke is a Senior Lecturer in Autism at Sheffield Hallam University where he is a multiple Inspirational Teacher award winner. He is a Lifetime Achievement award winner from two national charities, the National Autistic Society Award winner for Individual Educational Professional, international speaker, researcher, and author of five books.

  • Mel Ellyard: Mel is a neurodivergent entrepreneur and founder of Include Me and the D-List, two inclusivity initiatives which aim to remove the significant barriers faced by diverse entrepreneurs. She also works as a Super Connector across the South Yorkshire Innovation District stimulating collaboration opportunities between businesses and ecosystem partners.

  • Krystle McGilvery: Krystle is the award-winning neurodivergent founder of Mind Over Money, specialising in behaviour change and financial wellbeing. She provides coaching, training, and consultancy, and has been featured in several newspapers, radio shows, and on TV. Krystle is a Chartered Accountant, Board Director, and speaker.

Coming out of the event came this e-book that is here for you to download.