Move More

Move More wants Sheffield to become the most active City in the UK by 2020 and as a result see meaningful improvement in the health, wellbeing and quality of life of everybody living in the city.

Move More is a Sheffield-wide strategy that is being delivered by partners across the city.

The catalyst for Move More was the establishment of the National Centre of Sport and Exercise Medicine (NCSEM), which is an Olympic Legacy programme. The objective of the NCSEM in Sheffield is to create a culture of physical activity to improve the population's health. Since it began it has commissioned three locations where medical intervention and physical activity are combined, of which Sheffield is one.

What is Move More


The world we all live in doesn't make being physically active very easy; in fact, it’s easier to move less than it is to Move More!

What might surprise you is that it you don’t have to do much to start feeling better.

Sheffield Chamber has, and continues, to play an active part in Move More. Our belief is that every employer should actively promote and support activity within their workforce and their families. Some businesses have installed exercise facilities, bike racks, showers and changing rooms and organised lunchtime and after work activities. It is no coincidence that these tend to be the higher performing organisations!

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