International Business Forum

The International Business Forum is an engagement forum for private sector businesses and governmental agencies who have a particular interest in international inward and outward trade and investments.

The aims of the IBF are to:

  • To be the voice of members who carry out business internationally.
  • To be the representative private sector voice of business in Sheffield to multinational companies and foreign direct investors.
  • To be a resource where members who are trading or wanting to trade internationally to call upon.
  • To celebrate the diversity of international businesses in Sheffield.
  • To organise mission trips to markets which would be beneficial to members.
  • To engage with governmental agencies (both UK and foreign) to grow business for members.

How would the IBF benefit Sheffield and the City Region?

The IBF is a private sector voice offering support to government agencies and other private sector investors. Its aim is to enhance and raise the profile of Sheffield as one of the top places to invest in the UK.

It also engages with governmental agencies, both UK and foreign, to grow trade for members of the Chamber and provide a route to new markets.

How can the IBF help you?

The IBF is here to grow the Sheffield economy by attracting international investors and to assist members to find new markets for their products and services.

It is also a forum of businesses who have experience exporting and willing to share their experience.

What happens at the IBF?

The IBF plans to have meetings once every quarter to discuss the latest developments in international trade and business. Routine meetings are informal and you may contribute as much (or as little) as you wish. There may be special events which would include speakers.

Who should join?

The IBF is open to all members of the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce regardless of size or international trade experience. All we ask is that members are open to helping others and are passionate about Sheffield being a great place to work and play.


Forum Chair: Andrew Hulse

Get involved:
Telephone: 0114 201 8888