Transport Forum

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce’s Transport Forum monitors what’s happening throughout the city region.

It provides a mouthpiece for the Chamber’s members to comment on the transport issues affecting their businesses and enables early input into the discussions. It focusses on the wider business needs of the local economy and tries to resist being drawn into petty politicking in the local media.

Forum Objectives

  • To be the independent voice of business on all transport issues in the city and wider region.
  • To develop a wider strategic view for 10/20 years ahead and use that to inform external and internal stakeholders of our view.
  • To coordinate with transport organisations to help them deliver what is needed for business led transport infrastructure.
  • To work to ensure that every business in Sheffield and the wider region enjoys a transport service that is competitive to any other business in the country.

Forum Chair: Peter Kennan
Vice-chair: Ian Appleby

Get involved:
Telephone: 0114 201 8888