Sheffield City Partnerships Board

Sheffield Partnership Board is a partnership of the local authority, universities, business, voluntary sector, faith sectors, fire, police, justice system, ambulance and NHS.

Sheffield Partnership Board is currently chaired by Rt Hon David Blunkett, ex MP, and Secretaries of State for the Home Office and Education.

It is a strategic partnership board bringing together the main groups in the city to help define the city of the future and overseeing some of the activities to deliver it.

The partnership is responsible for researching and delivering the annual State of Sheffield report which gives a snap shot of how Sheffield is performing and allows us to assess the impact of some of the actions we are taking.

One of its major projects at the moment is developing a strategy and series of actions to tackle some of the major social divisions in the city. Quite apart from being the right thing to do morally the evidence is overwhelming that it is the right thing to do for economic reasons. The business community must play its part in this and Sheffield Chamber continues to take a lead.