Customs Procedures and Compliance

Join us to obtain a comprehensive overview of the legal framework that governs customs procedures in international trade and the key areas of customs compliance.

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Course Overview: 

The UK entered a new trading era at the beginning of 2021:  its own customs territory and responsibility for its own customs legislation and rules.  Since then, businesses have been familiarising themselves with a new border operating model and a series of ongoing changes in customs procedures, systems and controls. At the same time, customs authorities in both the UK and overseas are increasingly scrutinising key areas of compliance.

In the months ahead, exporters and importers can look forward to further phased introduction of the new border target operating model (August 2023), implementation of new trade agreements and the completion of transition to the CDS for customs declarations.  It is important that staff are fully up to date with industry changes to maintain the flow of goods.

Do you understand basic customs procedures, the critical data for a customs declaration or the legal responsibilities of the importer/exporter?  Which documentation do you need to use and why?   Are you aware of the customs simplifications and authorisations that are available to help streamline your process or perhaps ease cashflow? 

Unless staff receive adequate training, their first encounter with officialdom is often goods delayed in transit, scrutiny from overseas customs authorities,  or a customs audit.  The cost of non-compliance can be high – whether this be demurrage charges at port, the repayment of understated duties, the withdrawal of customs authorisations or civil penalties. 


  • Overview of the World Customs Organisation
  • Key terminology & legal framework
  • Licencing and controls
  • UK Trade Tariff and classification of goods
  • Customs declarations and systems update
  • Clarification of coding
  • Rules of Origin
  • Customs Valuation
  • Management of duties and taxes
  • Customs authorisations special procedures
  • AEO
  • Compliance considerations


By the end of the day, delegates will have a comprehensive overview of the legal framework that governs customs procedures in international trade and the key areas of customs compliance – including record keeping back at the office.

Suitable for sales, finance, purchasing and logistics staff, this is an interactive course which will give delegates an understanding of customs processes and procedures, accompanied by a reliable toolkit to help them make sure they follow the rules!

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Becky Stark

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