Managing by Projects

This course is offered to anyone in a management, leadership, or succession management role.

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Entire businesses are now in a position where assessing markets, customers, innovation, and people, is down to a 6-12 month cycle. No longer a legitimate need for a five-year plan, this compels business leaders to demonstrate short term projects, with immediate return on investment. It is the most agile companies that will survive and thrive in this decade, so the disciplines of Managing by Projects for Leaders, is an essential part of the board of directors, and leading their teams through constant and accelerating change. 

In these rapidly changing times, businesses who plan in shorter cycles, are more likely to succeed. Work allocation, business development, and technical development are now becoming Sprint activities, shorter term, project based 

The skills learned will provide the basis to understand: 
1. The structure of projects
2. The process of successful projects
3. Critical elements of project governance
4. Communication and reporting
5. Matrix management 
6. Milestone reporting 
7. Slippage and recovery
8. Return on investment
9. Planning projects, and monitoring progress 
10. Financial control elements and business case outlines
11. Project team control
12. Closing a project

Using this framework, projects of all sizes can be delivered, managed, and reported on at all levels, from the boardroom to the activity teams

Project management skills are essential in the modern world, and are seen as those that will provide promotion planning of the attendees

Interactive and flexible around the individual attendees, this course is one of the cornerstones of professional management 

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Philip Webb

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